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XECC fixie ‘blue hammer’

leader 725 frame with blue custom hammer-finished coating. components mostly by BLB and Campagnolo. photos by

lady’s shopping dream

based on a 30 year old steel frame XECC has transformed this bike into a “lady’s shopping dream”. pink, white and silver. photos by

angel in pink

angel and the XECC’s ‘shopping dream in pink’… shirts are available in our shop. photos by

XECC track bike

Leader 735 track frame with custom powder coating and BLB components… brakes? no ;-) but can be added if you want… photos by

XECC cruiser ‘fatboy’

based on a frame from PG bikes XECC built this awesome fat-tire cruiser. what a ride experience… photos by

angel and the fatty

angel and XECC’s “fatboy”. XECC shirts are available in our shop. photos by

XECC city bike

custom XECC city bike… tout-terrain steel-frame with finest components rohloff, chris king, thomson, gates carbon belt, brooks, supernova, etc. photos by sam hanselmann

XECC fashion line

XECC’s fashion line. fancy shirts and hoodies with XECC logo for men and women, based on organic cotton. produced by

XECC fixie ‘green mamba’

based on a 15 year old Villiger frame this bike was rebuilt from scratch. custom powder coating in green and bike parts in gold, black and green. photos by Sam […]