bike pimping

bike pimping

did you know that good bike frames are build for eternity?

ok, maybe not for eternity… but they normally easily outlast any other bike parts. it’s a pity to send a fully functional and lovely bike frame to the scrap heap just because the gear and brake parts got rusty and worn-out.

based on your bike frame and the bike parts that are reusable we love to create a new bike concept for you. the possibilities of bike pimping are numerous if not to say nearly endless.

for the frame coating we closely work together with different companies that are experts in different fields of coating:

  • the most durable (weather- and impact-proof) coatings are powder-coatings. our partner is one of the few companies in Europe that offers powder-coatings with up to 3 different colors on a single bike frame. powder-coating is limited mostly to RAL color tones and some special effect colors.
  • wet-coatings are the standard coating of car bodies. with a special and transparent sealing it is nearly as impact-proof as a powder coating. wet-coatings can be ordered in every NCS color tone and there are many different special effect color tones available such as metallic, neon, etc.
  • we also work together with a company that is specialized in restoring original bike frame coatings. whether your coating became faded over the years or your your frame has many rusty coating damages our partner does have the possibilities to restore your beloved design. even the restoration of logos or other special design elements are possible.
  • last but not least we have a partner that does individual paint-brushes on bike frames. they are also protected against impacts with a special transparent sealing.

all methods (except the paint-brush method) normally require that the existing coating must be removed by either sand blasting or chemical pruging before the new coating can be applied.


so, our restorations are normally based on an old bike frame. when it comes to restore old bike parts things are getting a little bit more complicated. old but unused bike parts are either not available or very difficult to organize. we therefor often use modern bike parts in vintage style or we use modern bike parts as an interesting contrast to the old bike frame.

the process to realize your own bike restoration normally starts with a visit at our shop. bring along your bike/frame or for the beginning a least a photo of it. at some point along the process to your new bike we will need to take some measures of your frame so that we will be able to order the right components.


from your requirements and ideas we will compile your individual bike restoration concept. maybe we will need a few iterations until we fully fit your wishes. the result will be a written offer containing all bike components, it’s colors and prices as well as the estimated delivery date. after we receive your order confirmation we will immediately start to order the necessary bike parts and build your bike.

we also would like to mention here that not every frame is suitable to be used in a bike restoration project. send us a picture of your frame or bring it to our shop. we are happy to consult you about your possibilities.

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