e-bike upgrade

e-bike upgrade

we at XECC think that the reasons to ride bikes are versatile. it’s fast, ecological, convienent, etc. but our main reasons to ride bikes are the fun and the health factors.

e-bike upgrade with BionX

you can have fun with a conventional bike or with an e-bike. but the health factor of riding a bike with your own muscle power is partly if not completely missing if you heavily rely on the electric power of an e-bike.
nevertheless, we certainly admit that there are very good use-cases for e-bikes, and for certain groups of people it really makes sense to use one.

however, people who ride e-bikes should carefully choose the right type of e-bike. the strongest e-bike may not always be the best choice for every cyclist.

we have put together a table that shows the current swiss regulations regarding e-bikes (valid since 1st of July 2012, source).

engine power in watts max. speed with
pedalling support
max. speed without
pedalling support
helmet driver licence/
number plate
light motor bicycle max. 500 watts max. 25 km/h max 20 km/h voluntarily no/no
motor bicycle 500 to 1’000 watts 25 to max. 45 km/h 20 to max. 30 km/h mandatory yes/yes
motor bikes >45 km/h mandatory yes/yes

all e-bikes other than “light motor bicycles” are treated similar to “motor bikes” and face stiff regulations.

we believe that “light motor bicycles” are very well suited for urban cyclist. they ideally support the urban cyclist whether he doesn’t want to arrive at the office with a sweaty shirt in the morning or he doesn’t want to arrive at home out of breath because the last 300 meters to his home involves a steep slope.

as we offer custom bikes and do not stock finished assembled bikes we were looking for a way to upgrade a normal bike with an electronic drive that does not exceed the guidelines for a “light motor bicycle”. we found a lovely concept from BionX. it puts the drive into the rear hub and the battery into a two-layered bicycle rack. the cabled control unit with digital display is mounted to the handlebar to easily give access to the different functions of this electronic gear set.

if you are interested to upgrade your bike to the e-century please do not hesitate to come to our store with your bike. whether it is a new or an old bike we happily check if your bike frame allows this upgrade. we will also advice you if you should upgrade the essential bike parts such as brakes and gears to match the needs of an e-powered bike. if you furthermore like to pimp your bike with fancy new components in the same turn we happily advice you on this as well…

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