new custom bikes

new custom bikes

with great pleasure we built new custom bikes according to our clients wishes. we mainly focus on urban bikes like:

  • city bikes
  • touring bikes
  • single-speed bikes
  • fixed-gear bikes
  • cruiser bikes
  • etc.

using the right components is key for the quality as well as for the look and feel of the bike. resting upon your ideas and wishes we happily guide you choosing the right brands and components in your desired quality and design.

if you have special wishes like your own design powder-coated on a frame, wet coatings with special-effect on your carbon-wheel, paint brushes or individually anodized bike parts… your imagination is your limit… hmm… available technology and costs might be limits as well… ;-)

the process to get your own custom bike may vary depending on the amount of ideas you already have about your future dream bike. but generally we appreciate if you come to our shop with or without any ideas. from your requirements and ideas we will compile your individual bike concept. maybe we will need a few iterations until we fully fit your wishes.

the result will be a written offer containing all bike components, it’s colors and prices as well as the estimated delivery date. after we receive your order confirmation we will immediately start to order the necessary bike parts and build your bike.

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