prices & promotions

prices & promotions


we do not publish all our stocked bike products on this website. we just publish a selection of our new arrivals via our blog. please visit our shop in binningen for an overview. all products in our shop that are for sale are price tagged.

additionally we have some standardized service offerings with fixed prices. please check the following table. all other services are individually priced depending on the actual expenditures and efforts. please do not hesitate to contact us for your price quote.

service description price
(in CHF, incl. VAT)
puncture repair *
excl. tube
CHF 25.00
cable replacement * (brake or gear cables / price per cable)
incl. cable
promotion: pay 3 for 4 cable replacements!
CHF 35.00
service * (excl. spare parts)
includes general check of bike condition. if necessary readjustment of wheels, brakes, gear shifters, chain tension, headset, lights and tube pressure as well as lubrication of the relevant bike parts such as chain, seat post and wheel axles
CHF 99.00
bike assembling (excl. wheel building)
assembling of a new or pimped bike
CHF 250.00
wheel building
per wheel
CHF 69.00

*only for XECC bikes


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we will publish our seasonal promotions on our homepage. if you want to be among the first people to be informed please subscribe to our RSS feed.

if you want to help us to promote our brand on Facebook please like our Facebook page. we grant 2% discount or at least CHF 2.00 on your purchase if you check-in at our shop via Facebook or foursquare/Facebook. we only grant the discount if your check-in is actually visible on Facebook to the public.

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please also check our terms & conditions.

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