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mazda track bike

mazda track bicycle

looks like that nowadays every car producer has to create at least one concept bike… nice try though… seen at madza.com

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BMC impec concept bike

bmc impec concept bike

wow… what a nice concept bike by BMC impec lab… with internal gearbox, disc brakes, exchangeable drive drain (manual vs. electric), new areo concepts and an awesome design… definitely a […]

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the 21 parts bike

kit bike

lucid has won a reddot design award 2014 for a bike concept that allows easy transport of the bike… the bike can be easily disassembled into 21 separated parts… how practical […]

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urban bike design contest


oregonmanifest.com is organizing a urban bike design contest… the contestants really designed some awesome bikes… design-wise the bike “solid” is my favorite, functionality-wise it would be the bike “denny”… give […]

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audi e-bike concept

what a design… with wheelie support… :-) whereas the specs are not the best on the market…

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photosynthesis bike

thai bike designers have brought up the idea of a photosynthesis bike. the bike sucks in pollute air and releases clean air after photosynthesis process… proof of concept has yet to be […]

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concept bike by canyon

interesting concept bike by canyon shown at eurobike 2013. integrated lights and anti-theft system as well as a removeable basket come along with a stylish frame design. we would love […]

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