monthly archive for "April, 2014"

festka’s insame bike deco

festka urban zero

beautiful artwork on festka’s urban zero bike…

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the fat mayor

the mayor by rsd bikes

a new fatbike player entered the market… check out rsd bikes’ fatbike ‘the mayor‘…

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rocky mountain fatty

rocky mountain blizzard fatbiek

rocky mountain is going to introduce a fatbike as well… also with the new rockshox pluto suspension fork…

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borealis with new suspension fatty

borealis echo fatbike

borealis + rockshox pluto front suspension leads to the new borealis echo fat bike… nice but pricy…

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golden bamboo bike


gold, bamboo, wood and some steel and aluminum… what a combination… by veloboo

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speedvagen road machine

speedvagen road bike by vanilla bicycles

beautiful hand-made custom bikes by vanilla bicyles… check out their flickr page… chapeau…

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salsa bucksaw – fully fatbike

salsa bucksaw I

incredible… Salsa just showed their brand new fatbike with full suspesion… the bucksaw I & II… with the brand new rockshox bluto suspension fork… cool…

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lightest cargo bike?

lightest cargo bike

based on a bullitt cargo bike some guys from Germany made some beautiful modifications to create the probably lightest cargo bike… awesome… seen at

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bamboo fatbike


another new mixture of frame materials for a fatbike… by

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woodelo bikes


nice wooden frame… by

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