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build you own wooden bike

hoopy wooden bike

want to build your own wooden bike from the scratch… you can download the plans for this ‘hoopy’ bike for £ 30.00 from wooden widgets… show us your results…

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golden bike porn

goldgenie golden racing bike

bike decadence has a new name… goldgenie has created this USD 400’000 custom golden bike…

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mahogany bikes

grainworks analog one.one

awesome custom wooden bikes from grainwork… customers can choose the type of wood and some frame specifics… nice work…

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ascari custom bicycles

ascari bicycles

nicely designed… custom bikes by ascari bicycles… but better suited for the museum than for the road… seen at stahlrahmen-bikes.de

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fully 3d printed titanium bike

flying machine 3d printed tiatnium bike

australia based company flying machine produced their first fully 3d printed titanium bike… nice job…

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fantastic custom fixie

apache racer by mcfly custom

check out the awesome pictures of this fixed-gear bike ‘apache racer’ created by Antoine Hotermans at mcfly customs in Belgium… fantastic job…

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golden bamboo bike


gold, bamboo, wood and some steel and aluminum… what a combination… by veloboo

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speedvagen road machine

speedvagen road bike by vanilla bicycles

beautiful hand-made custom bikes by vanilla bicyles… check out their flickr page… chapeau…

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stan ridge custom bikes

stan ridge bikes

beautiful cutsom bikes by stan ridge speed…

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bike porn

bike porn at it’s finest… gold bike crystal edition from aurumania in denmark… seen at stahlrahmen-bikes.de

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