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build you own wooden bike

hoopy wooden bike

want to build your own wooden bike from the scratch… you can download the plans for this ‘hoopy’ bike for £ 30.00 from wooden widgets… show us your results…

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wooden bike by keim cycles

keim cycles arvak

what a nice wooden frame design… nice job… seen at keim cycles… however, that’s nothing for the small wallet… € 9’800

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wooden MTB

woodalps ygg

nice wooden MTB concept bike… seen at woodalps…

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mahogany bikes

grainworks analog one.one

awesome custom wooden bikes from grainwork… customers can choose the type of wood and some frame specifics… nice work…

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vélo alérion

velo arvak

beautiful wooden bike “vélo alérion” by keim

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golden bamboo bike


gold, bamboo, wood and some steel and aluminum… what a combination… by veloboo

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woodelo bikes


nice wooden frame… by woodelo.com

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thonet wooden bike

beautiful… the result of a corporation between thonet and the designer andy martin… but hard to believe that this fragile looking bike can be ridden…

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wooden BSG bikes

nice wooden bikes… by BSG bikes

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sandwich bikes

another interesting wooden bike concept… by sandwich bikes. another interesting fact about this bike is that it can be easily  delivered in a small box… ready to be built up by […]

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